Medical care of a holiday on-duty doctor, the city

Holiday emergency medical treatment on-duty doctor, dispensing pharmacy (from 4 to 25 on March)

  • From consultation hours 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Take an identification of person insured by all means
  • The holiday on-duty doctor may be changed
  • The general patient is not expected (as a general rule, I do not make a house call)
  • Tell an on-duty doctor about a symptom on the telephone beforehand
Sunday, March 4
  • Medical department
    • I display Dr. Iwabuchi's office (Kurikomaiwagasaki) map
      Telephone 0228-45-2155
    • I display a round internal medicine clinic (Shiwahimehoriguchi) map
      Telephone 0228-24-8073
  • Dispensing pharmacy
    • A in drugstore Kurikoma shop
      Telephone 0228-49-1131
    • Marlene dispensing pharmacy Shiwa princess shop
      Telephone 0228-23-3520
Sunday, March 11
  • Medical department
    • I display Kurihara City Takashimizu medical office (Takashimizusakuracho) map
      Telephone 0228-58-2020
    • I display Kurihara City Wakayagi Hospital (Wakayagi character Kawakita) map
      Telephone 0228-32-2335
  • Dispensing pharmacy
    • Nakamura drugstore
      Telephone 0228-58-2019
    • Wakayagi center drugstore
      Telephone 0228-32-7115
Sunday, March 18
  • Medical department
    • I display Sasaki physician's office (Wakayagi character Kawakita) map
      Telephone 0228-32-6633
    • I display 達内科 (Tsukidateyakushi) map
      Telephone 0228-22-2655
  • Dispensing pharmacy
    • Sasaki physician's office (in-hospital) 
    • ヨネキ drugstore Tsukidate shop
      Telephone 0228-21-1225
Wednesday, March 21
  • Medical department
    • I display 一迫内科 clinic (Ichihasamamasaka) map
      Telephone 0228-52-2122
    • I display ほそや pediatrics (Kurikomaiwagasaki) map
      Telephone 0228-45-5660
  • Dispensing pharmacy
    • 一迫内科 clinic (in-hospital) 
    • One measure new life drugstore
      Telephone 0228-45-2789
  • Dentistry
    • I display Ihara dental clinic (Wakayagi character Kawakita) map
      Telephone 0228-32-2588
Sunday, March 25
  • Medical department
    • I display Kurihara City Kurikoma Hospital (Kurikomaiwagasaki) map
      Telephone 0228-45-2211
    • I display Kurihara City Hanayama medical office (Hanayama character Motosawa) map
      Telephone 0228-56-2013
  • Dispensing pharmacy
    • One measure care composition center
      Telephone 0228-45-3035
    • Kurihara City Hanayama medical office (in-hospital) 
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Site of the Kurihara City Wakayagi Hospital

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Miyagi holiday on-duty doctor information
Information of the holiday on-duty doctor in Miyagi that Miyagi medical care Maintenance Division provides

Holiday on-duty doctor, holiday dentistry on-duty doctor, holiday turn drugstore
The information that northern health welfare office Kurihara area office provides

Kohl by night reliable Miyagi child holiday
A nurse accepts telephone consultation at the time of disease and injury that a child is rapid in the night on a holiday