Kurihara-shi security/safety email

 As part of the town development that is reliable by security, it is service to tell a cell-phone and a PC about the information of a disaster and the suspicious individual by an E-mail.

  • From operational starting date Friday, September 1, 2006
  • Anyone can register
  • As for the information charges, free (but the person bears a packet communication fee at the time of registration and the email receipt, the use of line charges)
  • Information to deliver
Delivery item Delivery contents
Security/safety information Disaster information and fire information such as an earthquake, the storm and flood damage, security information such as suspicious individuals, information about the security of the living
Administrative information Information such as the broadcast contents of the emergency broadcast system
Child care information Information about child care, the education

[important] Guidance about the influence by the Root Certificate information update of Microsoft

 The WEB connection that used SSL in some cell-phones released before 2009 became impossible mainly, and, by the Root Certificate information update that Microsoft carried out on April 19, 2016 (American time), the following procedures were not able to use it.

  • E-mail address registration/change, cancellation procedure
    ※As a municipal administration Information Systems Section acts about the procedure of the person who is using an applicable cell-phone mentioned above, please contact me.

Registration and cancellation of the mail delivery

Registration method

Site of the Kurihara-shi security/safety email
 I move to the site of "the Kurihara-shi security/safety email" when I click a link, and the delivery registration of the email is possible.

An image: QR code of the registration page of the reliable safe email I can easily access it when I read the next QR code with the camera of the cell-phone. As there is the model which does not support a QR code, in that case, please input a URL.
 The name QR code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE.

Cancellation method of the mail delivery

  • With a cell-phone and a PC, I access https://mail.cous.jp/kuriharacity/ and choose "the mail delivery cancellation" and can cancel the delivery of the email in a displayed page.